Luca Caviness

Luca (right) is a freshman at Cal studying business, public policy, and data science. Obsessed with aviation from a young age and hooked after his discovery flight, he worked three jobs to pay for his pilot license which he obtained in 2022 at the age of 17. Luca enjoys flying his friends and family around California, especially if the trip involves food.

Montek Sethi
Vice President

Montek a sophomore at UC Berkeley, an aviation enthusiast, and a private pilot. He started flying in 2010 at the age of six and has been flying ever since. Montek holds a private pilot certificate for both gliders and single-engine airplanes. After achieving the latter in November 2021, his next goal is to get his instrument and commercial to start working towards a professional flying career. 

Gurnoor Bhatti
Director of Marketing

Bodhi Silberling
Director of Events